Sunday, March 14, 2010

Romio's Pizza-Seattle WA (now named Razzi's)

I first tried the pizza at Romios in the fall of 08. When I took the first bite, I was convinced that they had somehow screwed up and given me my husbands pizza by mistake. Nope, it was the gluten-free pizza...unbelievable. Its delicious, just like REAL PIZZA!! THANK YOU ROMIO!!! I always get the same one, the Nemea-pepperoni and mushrooms.

Everything is fresh and so good, the sauce, the cheese,the mouth is watering just writing this. My husband loves the regular crust too, luckily for me, as I drag him there as often as I can. They have a huge gluten-free menu with paninis, subs, pasta, gyros and desserts. I decided to try a sub this last time we went. I got one to go, but I wasn't impressed with the sandwich. The bread was not the greatest. I wouldn't order it again. I would like to try their pasta next time though...maybe as dessert after my pizza..

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p.s. The first time I was there, I asked the waiter where on earth they get their pizza crusts. He told me that the bakery was just up the street-Da Vinci's Bakery, otherwise known as Wheatless in Seattle. Since we had the time, we drove the 3 minutes up Greenwood Ave. I stocked up on some crusts and tried some other baked goods..see my Wheatless in Seattle post.

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