Friday, January 28, 2011


I dragged a fellow gluten avoider to this pasta place in Abbotsford. I first heard about it from the Gluten Free Notebook girls. ( I would insert a link here, but blogger does not seem to want to cooperate. Anyway, we went on the chance that they would have some gluten free pasta, as the menu says "when available". Turns out the gluten free gods were in our favour, and we were able to indulge. Oh, am I glad we did! I ordered the Pasta Prima Verda: Bocconcini cheese, veggies, onions, garlic, olive oil & pesto, while my friend chose the Chicken Curry Pasta: Mushrooms, artichokes, peppers, sundried tomatoes, hot and spicy rosé sauce. Not only was the corn pasta a different type than I've had before, it was cooked perfectly Al Dente which was a nice change from the soggy mush that gfree pasta can become. Apparently it is imported from Italy, so no chance of finding it in the stores here:( The taste of the sauces was absolutely amazing. I loved my dish, and loved my friend's choice even more. Their pasta is far superior to anything I've tasted elsewhere, and there was no cross contamination that I could detect. Those places shall remain nameless, but lets just say they rhyme with smoochies and the Old Betty Factory...ahem. I have to apologize for the quality of the photo. The mood lighting at Paliotti's affected my picture taking, and besides, I'm still waiting for the camera fairy to deliver me better equipment...hope my husband is reading this.There are presently 2 locations, the one in Abbotsford, and one in Maple Ridge. I will have fun checking them both out repeatedly. You should too!

Paliotti's Italian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Paliotti's on Urbanspoon


  1. I'm so glad you had a good experience!

    shell and suman :)

  2. There's a deli in Harrison (il carpaccio) that carries an Italian corn pasta that's really good, I wonder if it's the same brand? Don't give up hope, things are really changing!