Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We recently took our toddler to the Point Defiance Zoo(my new favourite zoo BTW), near Tacoma Wa. I also wanted to check out the nearby burger haven Friesenburgers. Not only are they rumoured to have yummy gluten-full burgers, but they also boast a gluten free burger for those who are so inclined. Now, this is something I just had to sample! Gluten free burgers are rare(no pun intended), and very difficult to find in our parts. I've attempted to make my own hamburger buns, and have bought many a bun that ended up in the trash. They are usually dry, crumbly, hard as a rock and tasteless. Well, search no further, I have found the real deal people!! This burger was delicious! I tried the mini Friesenburger which includes a fried egg on top of the meat. The bun was the best I've tried so far, and as it turns out, is from Kinnikinnick! It was moist, tasty and the perfect thickness. The french fries were just like the steak fries you get at Red Robin, but gluten free. They use a different fryer for their gluten free items, so as to help prevent cross-contamination. Make the extra drive down if you're ever in Seattle. You CAN eat burgers again!


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