Friday, June 24, 2011

Origin Gluten Free Bakery

Another great thing about Victoria is that they have a dedicated gluten free bakery. Its tucked away in a residential part of the city. They have everything here from eclairs to cream puffs to quiche. It was difficult deciding what to try, especially since as daytrippers we couldn't take much in our backpacks.

I decided on a lemon meringue cupcake, which I just couldn't resist, an apple almond muffin, and their sourdough boule loaf. The cupcake was quite original, with everything you would find on a lemon meringue pie, with the cupcake as the crust. It was delicious, although I needed the moist topping as the cake itself was a bit on the dry side. The muffin was really enjoyable, and reminded me of a bran muffin from back in the day. The sourdough tasted exactly how a sourdough loaf should taste. I wish I could have fit more loaves into my pack. My friend had an almond cake, which was delicious as well. We agreed that if we lived on the island, we would hang out here every week.
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  1. Had you tried Sante Gluten-Free Cafe? Both are very yummy but their savoury snacks are better in my opinion. It's hard to beat Origin's sweets though!