Wednesday, June 8, 2011

West Coast Waffles

Victoria, as it turns out, is the new gluten-free mecca. Its actually quite embarrassing that there are more dedicated gluten free places to eat here than in Vancouver. On a recent visit to the capital city of BC, there were so many places to explore, I couldn't fit them all in in a day. Several coffee shops around the city also offer a gluten free treat to go with your coffee, and no one gives you a second glance when you ask for gluten free. (Check out the Serious Coffee and Wild Coffee chains). Anyhow,
my friend and I started with, of course, breakfast. Waffles are my favourite breakfast item, so I was eager to try out what West Coast Waffles had to offer. It turns out they have a dedicated gluten free waffle iron, which cooks up buckwheat waffles for their gluten free customers. Now, I'm not a fan of buckwheat. I really don't like the taste, and I find it leaves an undesirable aftertaste as well. These waffles were very good, and you really can't tell that they are buckwheat.
I had the mango coconut waffle, and my friend had the blackberry peach version. We both agreed that the waffles themselves were a bit dry, and needed the syrup, but we were both pleased with our meal. Way to go West Coast Waffles!

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  1. Next visit to Victoria try "La Fogata Latina", there is a corn bread call "Arepa", is a gluten free corn bread fill with meat.