Friday, July 22, 2011

My Goodness Gluten Free Bakery

A new dedicated gluten free bakery is in our midst!! I am so excited!! The owner and baker, Arlene, is interested in using healthier flours in her baking, without sacrificing taste. Since her daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease, she has come up with some wonderful products to share with Vancouver. She has both savouries like Italian flatbread and quejos, as well as sweets like carrot cake and chocolate chip cookies. Today I tried the Almond Flax sandwich bread and the Hazelnut Apricot biscotti. The bread was very tasty, and held its shape well. My son and I devoured it. Its a great option for both sandwiches and toast. As for the biscotti, in the past I have not been a fan, as I felt it was not big on taste, and was extremely difficult on the veneers:) This biscotti changes everything. Not only was it chock-a-block full of taste, it was unusually large, soft, and chewy. One of my new favourites. Check her out on West Broadway and Main.
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