Sunday, July 17, 2011


Another good option in Victoria is Pagliacci's. They offer a gluten free noodle to go with any of their pasta dishes. As always, check to make sure the sauce you choose is gluten free. Its nice to dine in an Italian restaurant, sitting elbow to elbow with everyone else, and have something to eat other than salad. I chose the dish curiously named the Bicycle Thief II?? The sauce includes mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, Italian sausage, green onion and fontina cheese. I enjoyed the sauce, but I didn't feel that the noodles matched what I was eating. They serve thai rice noodles, which are better suited in pad thai. So, all in all, good effort Pagliacci's for accomodating your gluten free diners, but try changing your noodles to one of the new great options available.
Downtown Victoria, on Broad Street.

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