Friday, August 12, 2011

The Melting Pot

I was happy to finally check out this fondue restaurant in Seattle. I used to love fondue back in the day. After waiting half an hour for a table in an empty restaurant, we were finally seated. The Melting Pot offers cheese fondue, cook it yourself entrees, and chocolate fondue in one big meal package. Since I am allergic to chocolate, and we were short on time, we went for the just the entree itself. With a gluten free menu in hand, I was eagerly awaiting my dinner. We went for the Pacific Rim dish, which is a mixture of meats and seafood, and on the server's recommendation, the Mojo cooking bouillon. Me-the gluten free version, my husband the regular version. After a bit of a wait, she brought out our fondue pot. Okay, wait a minute. There is only one pot to share? So, my husband is dipping his teriyaki covered meat right before I dip my gluten free meat? You can't claim to be gluten free with that scenario. Everyone would have to order from the gluten free menu to prevent cross-contamination. Nowhere does it say that on the menu. Anyway, I tried to cook all my veggies and meat before my husband. But, in the end, we both found the food bland. We tried covering the blandness with the accompanying sauces, but we didn't like those either. Maybe it was the bouillon she recommended, but I can't blame it all on that. We won't be in hurry to come back here.
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