Friday, March 2, 2012

Himitsu Teriyaki

On a recent trip to my favourite bakery in Kent Washington, we came across this teriyaki place. Its literally next door to Haley's, and boasts the only gfree teriyaki that I've seen around these parts. Or, around any parts for that matter. I couldn't resist trying it out, since finding good gfree teriyaki in a bottle is difficult, and finding it in a restaurant is unheard of. Usually Japanese ordering for me consists of a few sushi rolls, and thats if I've remembered to bring along my own soy sauce. I excitedly sat down and ordered the chicken teriyaki meal for lunch.
The salad it comes with is your typical limp Japanese style shredded lettuce, but the teriyaki sauce more than makes up for it. Its was delicious! It didn't taste like the poor imitations you find at the store, but was authentic. What a nice treat! They also provide more sauce at the table, including gfree soy sauce. Check them out after your next trip to Haley's!
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